Top 10 Marketing Influence in Healthcare

Unprecedented, volatile, and uncertain, these are the terms used to describe the situation of marketing teams across the world as businesses are slowing down and budget cuts. However, marketers are usually accustomed to changing trends and learning how to adapt to them. But Covid-19 pandemic has brought with its volatility and uncertainty. There is no other way to put it; it can be a challenging year for marketers. It is crucial to understand which digital marketing trends will be productive for your cause and implement them before they go out of date.

Face-to-face interactions such as exhibitions and conventions are very limited in number and far in between. Usually, marketing teams have a large chunk of their budget set aside for such events. Another challenge for healthcare marketers this year is the confusion caused by the volume of unreliable content that has flooded social media and other platforms. We have compiled a list of Top 10 Marketing trends in healthcare that we believe can yield positive results and help you as a healthcare marketer.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing Services is nothing new, it arrived several years ago, but slowly but surely, healthcare providers have adopted it as a part of their marketing strategy. A video is a powerful tool to reach out to your potential customers. You can provide a behind-the-scenes look at the services or products you are marketing. It is an effective way of building rapport with the customer.

Creating video content is much more convenient, significantly if the process is streamlined. Writing a 1500+ blog will consume somewhere between 2 to 4 hours while creating a 2 to 3 minutes video will not take that long. Moreover, it will have a much greater reach as compared to a blog post. You can generate six months' worth of material just addressing the FAQ of your clients.

Local SEO

Google has started relying more and more on local SEO, so it is high time that you consider investing in proper SEO for business. In the past if we Googled a query for a local provider. The content on the first page would have been nationally focused, but that has changed significantly.

To outperform your competition, you would need a robust SEO strategy. It includes on-page optimization, Google my Business, business listing, and backlinks. Search engine optimization and search engine marketing are the need of the time, especially if your business constantly needs new leads.

Social Media Marketing (Micro Influencing)

Social media marketing services are no piece of cake, especially with all the saturation of content on social media platforms. There is a solution to this problem, and that is influencer marketing.

When considering influencer marketing services, make sure that the influencer audience matches up with your target demographic. For instance, some tech entrepreneurs tweeting about Botox might not have the same effect as an Instagram model might have. The reason is quite evident; followers of a tech entrepreneur follow them because of their tech understanding and not because of their opinion on Botox. On the other hand, an Instagram model whose core audience follows them for beauty trends and tips will be much more receptive to some information regarding aesthetics. Your business can get new followers, new requests, and new visitors to your website.

Content Marketing 

A well-built website is essential for almost every business in today's business world. Once you have a website for your business, it is vital to post search engine optimized content. This practice generates traffic for your website and leads to potential leads. There is a common misconception that content marketing is just essentially blog posting. Although long-form blog posts can be effective, there are more than 40 different types of content. The best approach is to use a mixture of these various forms of content.

There is a perception that paid promotion and advertisement will lead to better results, and content creation would take a lot of energy and time but would not yield the same results as paid marketing. In some cases, it might be accurate, but a recent study by Kapost showed that in most cases, content marketing is responsible for generating three times more leads as compared to pay-per-click marketing. A compressive content marketing strategy is essential for your business to grow, and it is wise to invest in it. Documentation of the process is critical to bring it to life. Up to 50% of organic traffic can be generated on your website through a well-structured blog.

Make sure to distribute your content across social media platforms consistently. Research the best media for your content and the frequency at which you should be posting. Your content should be authentic to build a rapport with your audience. You can use your video content along with your written content.

SEO for Voice Search

Voice search has become popular with the everyday use of the iPhone's Siri, Amazon's Echo, and Google Home. A recent study showed that 71% of people prefer using voice search instead of typing in their queries.

 According to Comscore, 50% of all searches conducted online would be voice searches soon. There is much potential for growth in voice search. The question is how to optimize for voice search. To answer that question, you would have to investigate Long-tail keywords and how Google defines search intent. To maximize our content for voice search, you will have to write content in a conversational style. Now is the time to explore it and research the ins and outs of voice search optimization to be easier for you to adapt when the shift occurs.

Make sure to distribute your content across social media platforms consistently. Research the best media for your content and the frequency at which you should be posting. Your content should be authentic to build a rapport with your audience. You can use your video content along with your written content.

 Ranking Factor 

"Search engine land" conducted a study that showed that 85% of people consider reviewing for a product or a service before deciding. It does not take many reviews for a client to form an opinion about your product or service. Usually, it takes somewhere between 2 to 6 reviews.

It's wise to get control of your reputation management and review generation. It is a marketing trend that is here to stay unless and until there is a significant change in the Google algorithm.

Email Marketing

Email marketing services are one of the earliest digital marketing methods and, if done in the right way, can yield a positive result. Use engaging content such as newsletters and contact forms to keep your clients interested and informed.

Use email marketing to keep your demographic updated about new services and products, any improvements or changes made. All the information can be encapsulated in a weekly or monthly newsletter. One way to generate traffic for your website through emails is using the "read more" links.

Landing pages

The significance of landing pages cannot be underestimated in digital marketing. Landing pages are effective in directing a lead’s attention towards a specific product or service. They are designed in a way that encourages customers or clients to take the next step in their journey of acquiring your product or service. Landing pages can include descriptions, discounts, or special offers. 

Keeping track of data 

Digital marketing can help your business grow, but you need to make sure if it is working and what precisely form your business strategies yield results and what is not. Tools like Google Analytics can help you keep track of the return on your investment. You can keep track of your traffic source, Google searches, social media, etc. By keeping track of your data, you would have a much-educated approach to the next step to take on marketing. Make use of automated marketing for businesses that help convey the right message to the right people. They allow you to manage your customer data and use it the best way possible.

Diversify Your Strategies

Look into multiple marketing strategies simultaneously. It is not wise to concentrate all your energy, time and focus on one method and then move on to the next. Diversification is the key here. When it comes to marketing, never put all your eggs in one basket and hope for the best. For example, instead of picking one from SEO, PPC, or social media marketing as a business strategy, diversify your efforts. It certainly does not mean investing in all marketing tools available without any research. The idea here is that if you are not getting any positive results from one avenue, you could be compensated through some other investment. 


Staying up to date is critical in digital marketing. Trends constantly change, which changes the effectiveness of marketing strategies. I hope that you found these marketing trends mentioned in the article to be insightful and helpful. In marketing, you need to keep a head start. If you wait and react to the changes, you will be left behind and playing catch up with the competitors instead of being at the forefront.

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Asfand Islam 7/26/2021